Home Fire Safety

escape-planEvery year there are thousands of house fire. A fire is not a joking matter. House fires cause millions of dollars of damages and many lives are lost in a fire. There are some things that a family can do to make their house safe and reduce the chance of a fire breaking out.

Develop an Escape Plan

According to the home security site, BestHomeAlarmSystemsReviews.com, Even when people are as careful and do their best to prevent fires they can still happen. A family should always have an escape plan on how to get out of the home in case there is a fire. They should have different plans and different routes in case the main exit is blocked. If the house is more then one story there should also be a plan on how to get out from upstairs or in the basement. The family should have a prearranged meeting place away from the home where everyone can meet up and all members are accounted for. Not only should the plan be developed but it should be practiced as well.

Be Easy With Electric

One of the most common mistakes that people make is to over load the electrical outlet. This can be very dangerous. The more wires that are plugged into one outlet the greater the risks there is for an circuit break to pop and start a fire. An outlet has enough room for two things to be plugged in and that it is. If something is not in use it should be unplugged.

Be Careful with Extension Cords

While there may be times when extension cords will have to be used it is important that they are used properly. Extension cords should not be overloaded. If they are specified for indoor or outdoor use they have to be used for that specific purpose. An indoor cords should never be used outside especially with harsh weather conditions . These cords should not be run under carpets, rugs, or anything else. Be sure to check the cords often and check for conditions of wear which can cause a short leading to a fire.

Know the Numbers

Make sure everyone in the family including small children know how to call in case of a fire. Make sure they know 911 and an address to give the operator. Children should also know their parents cell phone numbers .

Fire and Sleep

There are some things to keep in mind before going to sleep. If an electric blanket is going to be used make sure it is in good condition. Set the blanket on a low setting. Never tuck the blanket in the bed. This can cause it to overheat and start a fire. All heating pads should also be turned off before going to sleep. Even when on a low setting they are a potential fire threat.

These are just some of the measures a family can take to make their home more safe and reduce the chance of a fire occurring. Following basic safety rules and regulations will help keep everyone in the household safe.