Home Fire Safety

escape-planEvery year there are thousands of house fire. A fire is not a joking matter. House fires cause millions of dollars of damages and many lives are lost in a fire. There are some things that a family can do to make their house safe and reduce the chance of a fire breaking out.

Develop an Escape Plan

According to the home security site, BestHomeAlarmSystemsReviews.com, Even when people are as careful and do their best to prevent fires they can still happen. A family should always have an escape plan on how to get out of the home in case there is a fire. They should have different plans and different routes in case the main exit is blocked. If the house is more then one story there should also be a plan on how to get out from upstairs or in the basement. The family should have a prearranged meeting place away from the home where everyone can meet up and all members are accounted for. Not only should the plan be developed but it should be practiced as well.

Be Easy With Electric

One of the most common mistakes that people make is to over load the electrical outlet. This can be very dangerous. The more wires that are plugged into one outlet the greater the risks there is for an circuit break to pop and start a fire. An outlet has enough room for two things to be plugged in and that it is. If something is not in use it should be unplugged. Continue reading Home Fire Safety

Personal Safety Tips for Women

look-alertPersonal safety should not be a laughing matter. Every year there are over 1.9 million women that are physically attacked. At one in their lives between 15% and 25% of women will report some kind of sexual attack or rape. This study was done by the Justice Department and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The 6webs security experts state, there are some tips that women can use to help them stay safe and reduce the chance of becoming a victim.

Dress for Safety

While high heels look great they are very hard to fun it. Scarves are good accessories but they are easy to attackers to grab. When going out alone wear comfortable clothing that will allow for quick movement. A woman may have to be ready to run at any moment. If a woman is meeting people later she can change her clothing into a more dressy style. A woman should still be prepared to kick off her heels and run.

Look Alert

Make eye contract with other people on the street. Many people lower their heads and try not to look at others as they walk by. 6Webs reviews state that looking into the face of a stranger may discourage an attack. It may humanize the woman in their mind even for just a second. It is also important to pay attention to the surroundings. Talking on the cell phone or listening to music is distracting. The woman will be paying more attention to the conversation then what is happening around her. It also tires up the hands which may be needed to fight off an attacker. Continue reading Personal Safety Tips for Women

Protecting Your Family At Home

home-safetyHome safety and security is important to all of us. We all want to be able to feel that our home is the one place we can go to feel safe. Today this idea is being challenged in a number of ways for home security. Parents are working longer hours, leaving children at home alone and unsupervised. Many families are caring for seniors who are handicapped or mentally impaired. Then there is the unwanted danger that the internet brings into the home.

It’s not possible to eliminate all possibility that an emergency can happen at home. It is possible to avoid the impact of many dangers by planning for them ahead of time, and by instituting safety measures that will make them less likely to happen.

Dangers To Children

Small children should never be left home without adult supervision. There are just too many things that can happen to small children when adults are not around. Arrange for a babysitter to take care of them when you are at work, or hire a nanny. Screen hired workers carefully, making sure they are experienced at their job and have been background-checked. You may want to consider installing a camera in the house to view their progress remotely, at least at first. Continue reading Protecting Your Family At Home